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Journey of the Spirit

Ascended Masters -  Beings that were once in human form on earth and elevated themselves to the Highest Spiritual Level attainable on the earth plane. Many of them are referred to as Saints, Holy Ones, the Divine, etc. Connecting with their energy can aid those still on the earth plane to raise their own level of Enlightenment, examples would be; Christ, St. Germain, Buddha,Elmorhya. etc. Unlike Angels, who have never been human, Ascended Masters have been human and thus have a better understanding of the human state and issues. They can serve as teachers, if we call upon them, oftentimes working with us in our sleeping state, because we are less resistant then. When I do healing work, I call upon those the client connects with, as well as those I connect with, to aid in the healing and attuning process.


Angel Connections - Angels are divine creations of pure Spirit who protect and guide humanity. They have never been human. They cannot interfere on this plane without being asked, for this is the plane of free choice. They are One with theSource. There are angels for many different purposes, such as : healing, protection, guidance, messengers, aid's in manifesting Source's desire on the earthly plane, spreading Light and Love, keepers of Celestial Records, defenders against evil, miracle workers, and constant loving companions. As more and more present on the earth are becoming aware of their Higher Self, the interaction with Angels is occurring more frequently. This is by no means a coincidence. Through guidance and love, healing and inner peace occur. I can assist you in connecting with your Guardian Angel or teach you how to make use of Angels in your life.

Spirit Guides -  These are beings that have actually lived on the earth plane. They have experienced many of the same issues we may have in our life and can thus serve as a guide for us. We can have many Spirit Guides and they can come and go throughout our life. They can also be serving several people at the same time. Some have passed on to the Light and agreed to come back as guides for those on earth and some have not yet passed to the Light, but feel a sense of service first.


Order of Melchizedek - pronounced  (mel-kiz-e-dek) It can have various spellings. Melchizedek is referred to in the Bible in Psalms 110:4, Genesis 14:18-20, Acts 10:35, and Hebrews 5:7-10, 6:19-20, 7:1-17. It is said that Melchizedek is one of the many incarnations that Christ assumed in order to save those on earth. Melchizedek was both a Priest and King, who had no known birth experience. He wrote the Book of Job and the teachings of "The Principle of the Law of One." He left the earth through spontaneous combustion. He is beloved by many faiths as a great teacher and prophet. The "School of Prophets" and "The Essene Order," are a result of his presence. Many on the earth plane today are members of those orders in past lives and the energy carries through to today - hence they are called "Order of Melchizedek." For more information or if you are looking for a personalized sacred ceremony for any occasion such as; weddings, baptisms, house blessings, funerals and life transitions, contact the Reverend Debra White Burch.

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Spirit Guides:

Certified Spiritual Counseling - I am certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. I offer support and encourage a person to more fully experience their own personal, spiritual nature. This counseling draws upon many areas that deal with relationships, self-image, self-worth, patterns, spiritual techniques, and spiritual experiences. Religion can be focused upon or not. Ancient spiritual wisdom or mystical experiences can be called upon from this life or past lives. The fundamental belief in a "Higher Power" or "Consciousness" is the core issue. Prayer, meditation, chanting, rituals, psychic abilities, telepathy, dreamwork, automatic writing, intuitive readings, angel work, alternative healing techniques, etc. are all tools that can be used to empower you to further your own personal  and spiritual growth and understanding.