Journey of the Spirit

Grounding, Chakras, Auras, Etheric Cords, Soul Retrieval, Curse Removal, Space Clearing, and Crystal Work:  

We are all made up of a life force energy, that is why we are referred to as "Light Beings."  We connect with the energy of Mother Earth by putting our attention to being present in human form on the Earth.  This is called "grounding."  We have centers that connect to and influence our endocrine system. There are seven main centers and they are called "chakras." The term is from Sanskrit and means "wheel or turning disk." Each chakra represents a certain color from the electromagnetic light spectrum, as seen when light passes through a prism, and as the chakra spins, it receives energy from any and all sources as well as transmits energy. When all of the chakras are spinning in the same direction, unhindered by negativity, we feel well and balanced. When one or more areas are not in harmony, we feel out of sorts. Working with chakras can involve intention, meditation, foods, colors, crystals, music, toning, chanting, dancing, vibrations, etc. Each chakra is associated with a specific element - earth, water, fire, air, ether, etc., as well as a specific sense - smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing and the higher senses. There are also minor or secondary chakras. Chakra points touch and override each other and give off a color. This color is called an "aura." Auras continually change and are often used to read illness or "dis-ease." Kirlian photography has been used to show auras. You can be taught to read auras without the aid of an instrument.  In addition to chakras and auras, there are things called "etheric cords" or "Karmic cords." They are energetic pipelines to you from other persons or places, that allow the flow of our energy in or out, with or without your permission. They can greatly affect your energy level. You can learn how to remove these cords, so that you will feel in harmony and balance. Lastly, "Soul Retrieval" involves going through all dimensions of time, and retrieving any parts that were left, in an attempt to make you feel whole and at peace.  Grounding yourself, maintaining your chakras and aura, cutting etheric cords and doing soul retrieval, will help keep you feeling balanced, at peace and in harmony with the Universe. I can also remove curses and clear and bless spaces.

Crystal Work - Crystals, gems and minerals all vibrate at their own frequency and have specific healing effects on the human body and Spirit. They can be used with plants, animals and in spaces. A crystal is a mineral that has a specific atomic structure and geometric pattern. The body is surrounded by subtle energy called a person's Aura. The aura is an integral part of the human's physical body and any imbalance in the Auric Field can be manifested as illness in the body. Crystals can be used to re-balance the aura. The client may be asked to hold a crystal, be surrounded by crystals or have them placed on their chakra points. Different patterns of crystal layouts are used based upon the desired effect. Crystals can also be worn or placed in the living area. It takes a clairsentient person or a claircognizant person to be able to make effective use of the crystals. Crystals have been used by many indigenous people as well as many ancient civilizations. Essences can also be created containing the energy of crystals and can be used for healing purposes.

Private and group sessions of my doing the work with you, as well as instructions for you to learn how to do the work yourself, are available on a regular basis. 

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