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Vision Quests - a sacred journey  to find clarity, spiritual guidance, and purpose in life. The seeker is wanting a dream or vision to aid them on their life's path. It is often a rite of passage and can help heal the individual as well as the world. It is done with clear intention and sacredness. It can involve going to specific physical places or journeying within. There are many paths and all are right. Sometimes we need help to find our way again. A Vision Quest is a good way to help you find the answers you seek. It can be a time of letting go of the old, finding comfort and knowledge in stillness, reconnecting with Source, and incorporating the Vision seen back into your life. It is a very powerful tool. Each quest is unique and set up for that individual. Explore the infinite possibilities that lie within you. This is sometimes referred to as  Shamanic Journeying, when the quest is done in one physical location.


Vision Quests, Shamanic Journeying, Totems, Shape Shifters, ET's, Out of Body, Time Travel, Deceased Ones:

Shape Shifting - has been documented throughout history and folklore.  It is the ability to transform physically, emotionally or mentally into another form of being. It allows the person or entity to make use of the powers and energy that the chosen new form carries.  Perhaps when hiking you might need to see what is over the next hill. To shift to the eyes of an eagle would serve you well, or when walking in poor terrain, the feet of a goat or donkey would assist you. Some people transform completely in the physical sense, but this is not nescessary to connect with the new energy form chosen and one may travel anywhere in space or time to make use of the chosen form. It is a capability we all have, but you must be open and allow for it. Not everyone has the openness required.  ET's do this quite often in order to be accepted as human and to move about without detection. It is a very useful ability and can be learned and honed.



Out of Body - OBE, OOBE, Soul Travel, Astral Projection, Spirit Walking, or Quantum Jumping, as it

is sometimes referred to, involves  leaving the physical body through choice , near death experience  (NDE ) or

death.  Often times, a floating sensation is felt and one may hover over their physical body. It is a projection of

consciousness through space and time. It is easiest to attain during light sleep since there is less resistance

then. The physical body will drop to very low life sustaining levels. During the daytime, it has often been referred

to as Lucid Dreaming. It can come in handy when the physical body is challenged - it will allow the consciousness

to move about freely, unhindered and not taxing the body any further. It also allows the body time to heal. Some

people use hallucinogens to try to achieve this state, but that is merely an altered state and not true out of body

work. The physical body may feel paralyzed, but the Spirit is unimpeded in it's movement. Sometimes a jolt or

deep breath is felt when returning to the body. The more traveling that is done, the smoother the transition

becomes. This can be a learned process.


Deceased Ones - Communicating with "passed over ones" is possible. Sometimes they approach us to let us know certain information or may seek our help in conveying certain matters to others. Sometimes deceased individuals do not know they have passed and may need assistance in "Going to the Light." Working with the deceased has sometimes been referred to as "Mediumship."  Debbie has helped many people and Spirits in this area. It can be very comforting to connect with a loved one.

Totems -  represent signs or symbols of energy that we can call upon or that present to us. Totems can be animals, reptiles, water creatures, insects, trees, fairies, nymphs, Angels, etc.  They can aid us on our life path if we acknowledge them and know how to interpret them. We can make use of the energy they carry to help us learn. They represent polarity - a negative and a positive energy - meaning we may have too much or too little of that type of energy in our life. They are connected to the Four Directions - North, East, South, West, and to the Five Elements - Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether. The directions come into play as to what direction the animal came from and is going to.  Totems can change throughout our life and many may occur at the same time. All of these attributes help give us a clear picture of where we are at on our path. For interpretations or instructions in this area contact Debbie.


Journey of the Spirit