Journey of the Spirit

Reiki, Sekhem - Seichim, SKHM, 3rd Eye Opening Ceremony:

Reiki - pronounced (ray-key), is an ancient healing touch therapy. The symbols used in Uzui Reiki, have a Japanese background. It can be done by a practitioner either in person or at a distance. Hands can be laid directly on the person or near the person and quite often a warmth will be felt radiating from the practitioner's hands. Reiki brings the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony by awakening the body's own natural immune system. It can be used on people of any age and can be used in combination with traditional and holistic medicine to aid in the healing process. Reiki recognizes that the body is a flowing energy field, continually changing and reorganizing itself. Just as you have a circulatory and nervous system, you have a complex energy system. When the flow is blocked, disrupted or unbalanced due to physical or emotional stress, this can lead to disease. Reiki helps clear, balance and strengthen the pathways of the energy so the body can connect with the Universal Flow of Energy or "Chi." There are many types of Reiki, with the earliest and most well known being Uzui. There are three attunements and levels that can lead to a Master/Teacher level in Uzui Reiki. Karuna Reiki has four levels and uses different symbols, etc.  Classes, attunements and healings are available.

Sekhem - Seichim, pronounced (say-keem), is an ancient Egyptian healing modality. It refers to "The Living Light Energy or Prana" that holds the Universe together and originates in the "Heart of the Christos." It represents the "I AM" presence. It is a whirling and transforming energy that aids in finding Oneness with the Universe. It makes use of unconditional love and compassion, so that we may connect to our Higher Self and to Source. This allows for personal as well as planetary healing. There are seven levels or attunements. This can be done in person or at a distance. Quite often, the energy felt has a very cold sensation.  Additionally, the energy has taken on a further expansion in an experiential direction and it continues to grow and expand in individuals and for the Earth. Spontaneous heart initiations and openings as well as healings have taken place. This has come to be called SKHM. Classes, attunements and healings are available.

3rd Eye Ceremony - The Third Eye is an organ of the energetic body or "Light Body." Through it we can access the etheric world and past memories across space and time. The opened 3rd Eye is known as the Eye of Horus, Horn of the Unicorn, or Eye of the Soul. The Temple in Maat in early Egypt was built for the purpose of opening the 3rd Eye.  The 3rd Eye is both a receiver and transmitter,  It works together with the pineal and pituitary glands which is called The Mystical Marriage and allows for the birth of multidimensional consciousness. It is a portal into other realms. Angels, auras, Spirit Guides, fairies, Ascended Masters, etc. are all perceived through the 3rd Eye.  It is responsible for extended memory, accurate perception, initiations, illumination, spirituality, motivation and your purpose and destiny. Imagination is key. It deals with the higher senses of telepathy, empathy, ESP and parts of the brain commonly not used. Your consciousness grows and expands when the 3rd Eye is used. You can see in all directions of time and the 4th and 5th dimensions become your reality. Separation from Self, others and All That Is can no longer exist. Illusions of the 3rd dimension are let go and all possibilities are opened. The 3rd Eye Ceremony will activate your Sacred Geometry Grid of Life.  Contact Debbie for information regarding this ceremony.

For classes, instructions or healing,  contact Debbie White Burch   (928 535-6173)