Debbie White Burch is a co-creator, teacher, healer and published author. 

She is claircognizant, clairalient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, empathic and telepathic.

Graduate of the School of Metaphysics; legally ordained minister - Order of Melchizedek and Universal Life Church; Certified Spiritual Counselor by the American Board of Hypnotherapy; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher; Sekhem-Seichim Master/Teacher; Reflexologist; Iridologist. She does Past Life Regressions; Future Life Progressions; Angel connections; deceased ones connections; energetic clearings of people and places; intuitive readings; tarot; pendulum; animal communications; crystal work; vision quests; and medical intuitive readings. She was born under the sign of the North and has a strong native American connection with much White Buffalo energy. Color therapy, chanting, toning, dance and her writings are all used in her healing work. She makes use of certain principles in her work - unconditional love, time as an illusion that does not bind us, being at peace with all, having an intention and being focused, staying non-judgemental, and realizing that one is only an instrument in the healing process. Her mission is to teach, attune, empower and heal - to use her "tools" to help balance and connect body, mind and spirit. She would love to assist you on your "Journey of the Spirit." 

Debbie was born in Maryland, the only daughter and youngest of three children. At the age of seven, her first "out of body experience" that she can clearly recall, occurred. Baptized a Roman Catholic, she was asked at the age of seventeen to become a missionary to Japan. She declined due to a stronger inner calling that would lead her in another direction. She has been married, widowed, a single mother and grandmother. She was commended for her work during the 2000 Middle East Summit Conference held at Camp David. She was given the highest honor a living person can be given in the Hindu religion in Roanoke, VA in 1999. Her psychic abilities have increased with her "near death experiences" and the journey her life has taken. She has clients of all ages and abilities, throughout the world, and has obtained results with people and animals that the medical world cannot explain. She has worked with many non-verbal clients and had great success. She has an "innate ability to walk in another's shoes." 

A published author, her works include: writings in All Love, ISBN 0-9674135-1-6  - the original book written on Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM; Between the Darkness and the Light - "Tense,"  ISBN 1-58235-067-1 an international poetry anthology; Letters from the Soul - "Movement,"  ISBN 0-7951-5160-8; Eternal Portraits - "Parting,"  ISBN 0-7951-5227-2; The Sound of Poetry, a compact disc and tape by the International Library of Poetry, the 2004 International Who's Who in Poetry and Noble House - "Journey"; The Best Poems and Poets of 2004 -  "Passing" ; Outstanding Achievement in Poetry 2/2003 by The International Society of Poets; Sunflowers and Seashells: Footprints, ISBN 978-1-60880-062-9; 2005 Editor's Choice Award by The International Library of Poetry;  articles in The Frederick News Post of Frederick, MD; and The Mogollon Connection Newspaper of Heber,AZ.

She presently resides in Heber, AZ, having been drawn from the East Coast as the result of a vision that lasted over two years and showed great detail as to location, home and mission. In 2006, her psychic abilities were tested by the Edgar Cayce Society and found to be genuine and highly accurate. She was accepted for their panel of professional psychics.

She has been awarded The Best of Heber Health and Welfare Clinics for both 2018 and 2020.

You may email her at    or call      (928 535-6173)  or write:                        Debbie White Burch, POB 852, Heber, AZ 85928



Journey of the Spirit