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Journey of the Spirit

Psychic Abilities, Empath, Intuitive Readings, Medical Intuitive, Tarot, Pendulum, Animal Communications, Psychic Locating:

Psychic Abilities - Psychic abilities are the senses of the "Higher Self". They are not weird or mysterious and we are all  capable of developing them. Different people may find they are stronger in one area. Psychic intuition or "claircognizance," is having the ability of clear thinking. You know information without knowing how you know. It may come as a complete idea or small fragments. It allows you to anticipate problems and adjust to changes. You instinctively know the needs of others. Psychic vision or "clairvoyance," is receiving psychic information in the form of visions. Psychic hearing or "clairaudience," is receiving psychic information through sounds or voices. "Telepathy" is connected with this sense. Psychic feeling or "clairsentience," is when the information comes through hunches, emotions, smells, or physical sensations. "Empathy" is connected with this sense. Empathy is the ability to feel what another feels without limits of space or time. It can be very useful in understanding another person's emotional state and can be used to remove blocks and reorganize patterns.

Intuitive Readings - Can be done using any, all or none of the above senses. It is a way of tuning into the Universe, Source and AkashicRecords to find out what is there for the person being read.

Medical Intuitive - This is the ability to see into another and aid in the diagnosis of blocks and dis-ease. This makes use of any or all of the above senses and can be done in person or at a distance. Reflexology and Iridology are other tools that can be used in person to aid in the healing process.

Tarot - is one method of working with Spirit by the use of cards. It was used by Monks to help solve the mysteries of life. It allows the user to access ancient spiritual wisdom and universal patterns and archetypes that can aid you on your Spiritual path. Contemplation and meditation on the cards can reveal revelations attuned to the individual. Today there are countless decks available. Card layouts can vary. It gives the client a tangible record of information as one moves forward on their spiritual journey.

Pendulums - are well balanced weights suspended from a string or chain. It is another device used to aid in connecting with one's HigherSelf. The movement of the pendulum is caused by the vibration from the magnetic force field that orbits the earth from north to south and is called "The Odic Force." The magnetic field carries thought energy as it flows through and around us. The movement is due to the practitioner's Higher Self connecting with the Universal mind and accessing information. Pendulums are useful in measuring the state of the body's chakras.

Animal Communications - Any and all of the above can be used in working with animals. They are very receptive to communicating with those that have a desire and the ability to communicate with them. Hands on healing - Reiki and Seichim  are very useful in dealing with any dis-ease or blocks.

Locating people or things - both come under psychic and intuitive abilities and can be very useful.